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These RVs can be either the Mk 4 with a W76 100 kT yield warhead or the Mk 5, which has a W88 475 kT yield warhead. It is the first U.S. submarine-based

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6 ก.พ. 2561 · W88. The W88 is a warhead used by the Navy on the Trident II missile. The W-88 is a miniaturized, tapered thermonuclear warhead. It is the

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The W88 is a United States thermonuclear warhead, with an estimated yield of 475 kilotons (kt), and is small enough to fit on MIRVed missiles. The W88 was designed at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in the 1970s.

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The explosive yield of the W-88 warhead is about 500 kilotons some 30 times that of the weapons that destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki. According to the